Cor! This woman sets United States record for being in space the most


Washington: Leaving behind National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) astronaut Jeffrey Williams, spacewoman Peggy Whitson on Monday set the United States record for having the maximal number of spacewalks to her credit.

Having spent a total of 534 days out of the Earth, Jeffrey was previously the American astronaut to have been in space for most cumulative days. Now, he has been surpassed by Peggy.

Moreover, Peggy is the first female astronaut to command the space station twice. She also holds the record for the maximum number of spacewalks by a spacewoman. “To felicitate the astronaut for her achievement, President Donald Trump will make a surprise Eearth-to-space call from the Oval Office on the same day,” said NASA in a statement.

“This call will be recorded and made available to museums, schools and other such organisations across the country and globally,” the NASA statement added. Furthermore, the President will be accompanied by his daughter Ivanka Trump as well as NASA astronaut Kate Rubins during the 20-minute call. Live streaming of the call will be covered by NASA Television along with agency’s website and Facebook page.

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