Obama avoids making mention of Trump in first post-presidential appearance


Washington: In what can be called as his first major public appearance after vacating the White House, Barack Obama on Monday moderated an event at the University of Chicago, where he was once a constitutional law teacher. Surprisingly, the former United States President did not utter a word about his successor Donald Trump throughout his address at the varsity.

“How are things going on since I’ve gone?” joked the former Democratic President at the very beginning of his speech. “Now, the only thing that I can do for the country is to help the next generation taking crack at changing the world. Moreover, I’ve been glad teaching the American youth to take up the baton and run in the right direction and I’ll be doing that all my life,” added Obama amid a big round of applause from the audience of several hundred people.

It must be noted that Obama opted to keep away from the public eye after leaving the Oval office in January last. Although the Republican-led Congress and President Trump have been making numerous efforts to ruin the legacy formed by him, Obama never reacted. And even this time, he apparently did the same.

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