I’ll eat a militant’s liver adding salt, vinegar to it: Prez Rodrigo Duerte


Manila: In what can be called a warning to terror outfits, President of Philippines Rodrigo Duerte has claimed that he is “50 times” more brutal than Islamic extremists who kill innocent people, mercilessly. The President said he could even eat the militants if his troops were able to capture them alive.

Earlier, foul-mouthed Duerte remained in news for continuously threatening the drug suspects with death. But, his latest shocking remark is making him way too popular than ever. He is breaking the internet ever since the social media users across the globe got to know about what he said.

In his address during the opening of a national sports tournament, the President dubbed the extremists as ‘animals’ and said, “If they (militants) want me to be an animal like them, I’m really good at that. We’re absolutely the same. In fact, I’m crueler. If I get a terrorist while I’m not in a good mood, I’ll literally eat his liver adding salt and vinegar to it.”

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