Why Alia Bhatt had to deal with this ‘drunk man’ in wee hours of night?

Alia Bhatt

Mumbai: In what can make her fans jump out of their skin, Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt had to deal with a ‘drunk man’ in the wee hours of night.

According to a leading entertainment website, the incident took place recently when Alia was at her boyfriend Sidharth Malhotra’s house (in Bandra) and she had to leave from there post midnight. After bidding adieu to Sidharth’s at around 0300 hours, the actress called her bodyguard who was supposed to be around the place and pick her up. But, her calls went unanswered.

After some time, the bodyguard finally turned up and while he was taking Alia back to her home, the actress noticed that he was reeking of alcohol. However, she did not utter a word at that point of time. The 24-year-old actress was scared that the bodyguard would react inappropriately under the influence of alcohol.

Alia waited till she got home after which she informed her mother Soni Razdan about the situation. Once Soni came to know about all that happened, she promptly fired the bodyguard.

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